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Personal Details
Faculty Name:  Dr.K.Vidya
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Teaching Experience:  12 Years
Mobile No:  22358836
E-Mail ID:  kvidya@annauniv.edu

Area of Expertise
Area of Expertise: 

Inter-Domain Routing, Security in Inter-Domain Routing, Performance Analysis, Wireless Networks

Educational Details
Name of the University 
Graduated in 
Inter-Domain Routing
Anna University
Bharatiar University
Bharatiar University

1.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthiriaraj V, "Performance Analysis of Two Inter Domain Routing Protocols BGP and HLP using Taylor Series", IEEE International Conference on Signal processing, communications and Networking 2008, pp.434-437.   International
2.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthariaraj V, “Throughout Optimization of Inter and Intra domain Autonomous systems Traffic Engineering", International journal of communication networks and distributed systems, Vol.6, No.1, pp 45-58.  International Journal
3.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthariaraj V, “Logarithmic Octal Approximation Keying Scheme for Security AS-PATH in Inter-Domain Routing”, European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.54, No.1, pp 121-133.  International Journal
4.   Vidya K, and Rhymnend Uthiriaraj V, "Quantum octal Lograthmic Approximation Keying (QOLAK) Scheme for securing AS-PATH in Inter-Dmain Routing", Information Technology Journal, Vol.10, No.9, pp 1725-1732.  National Journal
5.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthirairaj V, "A survey on path authenticaion in Inter-Domain Routing", National conference on Advanced pattern mining and multimedia computing (APMMC 2010) NIT, Trichy, pp 289-293.  National Conference
6.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthariaraj V, “Bi criteria Latency Optimization of Intra and Inter Autonomous systems Traffic Engineering”, International journal of Recent trends in Engineering, Vol.I No.1, pp 11-19.  International Journal
7.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthariaraj V, “Bi criteria Latency Optimization of Intra and Inter Autonomous systems Traffic Engineering”, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Volume 38, pp.227-234.  International
8.   Vidya K, and Rhymend Uthiriaraj V, "Application of Logarithmic Keying for securing ASPATH in Inter-Domain Routing", Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced computing, IEEExplorer, pp.86-92, 2009.  International

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